Responsive web design is a method of displaying websites on web devices (desktops, phones, tablets, TVs) so that all devices are served the same web pages and content via the same URL, and the display is adjusted to fit the web browser (or screen) viewport using CSS media queries. We have a tight team of platform specific developers, and use industry leading processes to ensure quality and confidence. We create maintainable and scalable code and our developers have worked on high profile and mission critical products, and live their craft every day.

We can help design websites and applications for organisations where user experience matters. Along with website design and development, we have the following services:

Audit and Review

The web is no longer about about flashy websites - what matters is web presence. Businesses need to think carefully about their online presence, who their customers are and whether they are being visited or not.

Audit and Review will help to:
  • Understand how you can achieve the best web presence possible
  • How you measure accessibility and usability
  • Asses your social media awareness
  • Auditing the technology and platform to ensure it is healthy and secure, and able to support your future
Why Red Apps?
  • We have a thorough evaluation framework
  • We will provide you a report detailing the health status of your website
  • We will provide you tangible suggestions you can implement immediately, with a roadmap to future changes

Market research is the first step in creating a winning digital solution. Before we recommend a digital strategy, we do our market research on what your business needs to become a success. Through this research we gain insights into your business, your customers, your competitors and market influences. We have access to many industry and consumer databases and tools that we can use to provide the necessary insights on the market. Likewise, we can also use analytics data, on-site surveys and your own internal data for insight.

Research will help to:
  • Understand customer needs and behaviour
  • Understand market dynamics & forces
  • Provide foundation for strong online value proposition
  • Identify opportunities for biggest impact
  • Set aggressive but realistic targets
Why Red Apps?
  • We have a thorough evaluation framework
  • Our research leads to effective strategies
  • We are experts on online surveys, customer profiling, feasibility studies and market research
Strategy and Planning

Digital strategy is thinking before we act, ensuring there is a sound connection with your business goals. We plan ahead and help you adapt quickly. We analyse research insights and drawing on our experience and proven methodologies, we develop a market leading digital strategy for you and create a plan of action that will deliver on your business's digital marketing goals.

We consider all aspects of the marketing mix for your product or service to ensure not only can we increase exposure and visitors, but that those visitors then become customers and have such a fantastic experience, they are willing to share it with others. We will a develop project plan and roadmap for you, taking an agile 'test everything' approach that suits the fast-evolving digital world.

Digital Strategy can help:
  • Provide a clear focus for your marketing efforts
  • Detail methods to win and engage consumers
  • Create a business case for ROI and business investment
  • Set up a framework for informed decision making
Why Red Apps?
  • Our strategies make a measurable difference
  • We focus on what matters most and seek big wins and to transform businesses
  • We have an agile, flexible approach to planning and have over 14 years experience implementing digital strategies
Market Automation

Use market automation initiatives to drive revenue and results the smart way. There is an increasing need to reach customers across a range of online and offline channels - from social media and other web channels, to email, direct mail, events and more. To remain competitive you must constantly adapt your promotional activity based on consumer behaviour, competitors and new technologies, such as marketing automation.

Marketing automation allows you to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so you can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. Automating your marketing initiatives begins with understanding your buying process, and moving from static lead generation campaigns into lead management in a logical, automated manner. We help you do this by developing an integrated, repeatable and scalable process, so you can focus on your right customers, increase engagements before purchase, convert more people into customers and deepen relationships after purchase.

Marketing Automation helps to:
  • Nurture relationships with leads
  • Retain and maximise customer relationships
  • Prove - and improve - marketing ROI
  • Save time and money
  • Achieve faster revenue growth
Why Red Apps?
  • We understand lead management and the customer journey
  • We are experts in Analytics and understanding online consumer behaviour
  • We test everything and are always looking to improve results of any given digital initiative
  • We can ensure your marketing automation efforts are closely integrated as part of your overall digital strategy
  • Technology solutions include Hubspot, Marketo and Infusionsoft

Conversion rate optimisation is the best way to improve your marketing ROI.Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an essential piece of any digital marketing strategy. A culture of always testing and never being satisfied, will help you innovate to lead your market segment online. We analyse your visitors and their on-site experience to better understand your customers. We run A/B and multivariate split testing, user testing, webpage testing, usability tests, customer journey analysis, cart abandonment analysis, and customer surveys to gain insight and provide the best user experience. Our structured methodology will ensure you get better conversion, and results without having to increase investment in advertising. Our team are data and conversion experts and will make a measurable difference to your results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation helps to:
  • Increase ROI across all channels
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Understand customer behaviour and needs
  • Improve the mobile user journey
  • Increase online sales
  • Increase online revenue
  • Optimise website design
  • Convert more customers
Why Red Apps?
  • Conversion rate optimisation and testing is core to all we do
  • We have a methodical approach to testing and optimising conversions
  • We focus on understanding customer behaviour and customer usability
  • We focus on growing sales and revenue (eCommerce retail, travel, finance)
  • We are a Google Analytics Qualified team, expert in data analysis and advanced tracking
  • We have 5 in-house Optimizely (website testing tool) certified consultants
  • We have in-house Optimizely-dedicated technical resource
  • We are experts for landing page optimisation
  • Advanced AB Split Testing
  • We generate proven results
Analytics and Data

Nothing beats the need for solid analytics, data and insights to advance your business. As competition increases online, it is ever more important to collect, analyse and draw insights from your data. This then allows you to maximise the performance of your website and digital campaigns. We use Google analytics , and with an experienced team of analytics consultants, Red Apps leads the way in turning raw data into actionable business intelligence. We will help you to develop a tracking framework to understand how your customers are interacting with your brand and what changes we can make to improve the return from your digital investment. Whether you want a simple tracking solution, or something custom built to meet your unique requirements, we can deliver the solution you need.

Google Analytics can help to:
  • Align digital investment with business objectives
  • Maximise website and campaign performance
  • Provide insights to help the business adapt and gain competitive advantage
  • Understand customer behaviour
Why Red Apps?
  • We have the best Google Analytics team in New Zealand
  • We have a team of specialised Google Analytics and Google Adwords consultants
  • Our case studies show how we have used analytics to drive performance
Our Analytics service includes:
  • Installation and setup of Piwik
  • Integration of Piwik into your websites
  • Integrate Google Analytics into your websites
  • Analytics configuration
  • Analytics reporting
  • Training on using your analytics

Promotion is important, though not all digital advertising is created equal. We will maximise your results and return from ad spend. One of the biggest challenges with digital advertising is being able to reach the right audience, in the right way for an acceptable cost. There are so many options available. With our experience we can prioritise and select media opportunities that will have the biggest business benefit. From performance media, Google display advertising, paid search marketing and facebook ads, we can help maximise your return on ad spend with real-time bidding. We also measure the value of impressions with A/B and multivariate testing, and analyse data to get a complete understanding of consumer behaviour. Our consultants provide the best advice and results. Thanks to our expertise in data-driven media we are able to help you gain visibility into marketing effectiveness, respond quickly to changing market conditions and consistently deliver ever-improving financial results.

Digital Advertising helps to:
  • Significantly increase reach
  • Get your brand out to the wider community
  • Reach and engage your customers
Why Red Apps?
  • Our flexible, data-driven approach gets the best results
  • We not only look at the channel and placement, but conversion on your website as well
  • Our methods are guaranteed to get your message across
  • We have a great team of experts in data-driven and paid search marketing, online advertising programs, display advertising and demand-side platforms
Google Adwords

Adwords is arguably the most sophisticated, cost effective and performance driven advertising solution. Search Engine Marketing is promotion of your business in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to gain more new visitors. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also refers as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, AdWords and paid search ads by most of agencies. Advertisers can connect with consumers to achieve a number of marketing objectives like brand awareness, driving quality visitors, or generating sales.

Google Adwords can work for your business to attract new website visitors using keywords that potential customers are already using to search in Google. Moreover, there is no cost for exposure, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Clear tracking of data from Google Adwords gives more visibility in analysing success against other advertising channels.

Google AdWords is not just about adjusting the bids and budgets; there are a lot of things involved in optimisation process to achieve best results from your valuable money spent in advertising i.e. search term research (keyword research), quality score, ads testing, keyword match types, etc. Speak to Red Apps today for free consultation and more details on our management process.

Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing) can help to:
  • Get in front of potential customers
  • Increase new visits to the website from a targeted audience quickly
  • Build your brand and credibility
  • Gain competitive advantage
Why Red Apps?
  • We have strategic and data focused approach with significant experience
  • We have a team of Google AdWords certified specialists who have significant experience
  • We focus on conversions and return on investment
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital to your business and our award winning SEO methods are the catalyst you need for growth. SEO propels your site forward, increasing exposure, credibility and ultimately sales. Successful SEO projects require the use of a disciplined method and proven methodology. SEO is complex and our approach to SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is constantly evolving. We can help drive valuable targeted traffic via natural and paid search results on search engines.

We build comprehensive campaigns for onsite and offsite SEO; research keywords and phrases that will bring traffic to your website; review and enhance HTML code and site architecture; review and create SEO-optimised quality content; and build a reputation strategy around your business from our offices in Wellington and Auckland. We practice white-hat SEO only which makes sure that your results are long term and sustainable.

SEO can help to:
  • Increase rankings of a website in search engines for related key phrases
  • Increase baseline traffic to your site cost effectively
  • Achieve your business goals and reach national & international audience
  • Increase site usability to provide better user experience to visitors
  • Create more quality content for your website
  • Build your brand and credibility
  • Gain a competitive advantage
Why Red Apps?
  • We have a team of SEO specialists who have significant experience
  • We have a comprehensive white-hat SEO methodology and process
  • We are evolving our approaches rapidly to maintain leadership for our clients
  • We are data driven and focus on better ROI
  • We are a Google Analytics and Google AdWords Certified Partner
Social Media

You must have effective social media marketing strategies in place. It will help with your site's ranking in online searches, assist with your online reputation, increase your core network and allow you to build new relationships. We can work with you to build an effective social media strategy to help increase your business's reach and attain a positive reputation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

We can help refocus your social media campaigns to become more engaging and drive conversation around your business and goals. We use an ROI-driven approach and ensure that awareness and visibility around your brand is improved. We can also assist you with your social assets and make them more appealing to your target market, and work with you on ways to use social media for promotional and marketing purposes, including competitions.

Social Media Marketing can help to:
  • Establish and maintain relationships with prospects and customers
  • Increase visibility and word of mouth
  • Monitor what people are saying about your business
  • Increase your chances of good search engine rankings
Why Red Apps?
  • We have significant experience building dedicated, loyal customer bases
  • Our Social Media Marketing techniques will increase brand recognition, site traffic and provide measurable results
Content Marketing

Your content is an asset and is vital to your business. It not only does content keep your customers interested, but used correctly, content will build credibility and trust, promote your business, improve your search engine rankings and increase your online reputation.We will work with you and your team to produce a tailored content marketing strategy that will reach your target customers perfectly. Content can be in the form of text, images, infographics, videos or in other formats. You will find our team only produce content and design of the highest quality that is SEO-friendly and will rank well in search engines.

We can help with all types of content requirements. Depending on your needs, we can start from scratch or help improve on what's already built.

A Content Marketing strategy can help to:
  • Engage your customers
  • Dominate search engines
  • Create social media buzz
Why Red Apps?
  • Our editors and writers are extremely talented
  • We have significant experience in creating SE0 friendly content that is also appealing to customers