Retail Point of Sale Software is essential in today's marketplace. Accurate, real-time information is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Customers expect you to provide them with the best quality goods at the best value and at Red Apps, we provide you with the best Point of Sale system which enables you to serve your customer better. Red Apps is an experienced provider of Point of Sale solutions to hospitality and retail businesses in New Zealand, helping them operate more efficiently using the latest technology in the point of sale industry. Our core business is providing the latest and interactive POS solutions for all types of restaurants, bars, clubs, groceries, retail stores, gift stores, fruit & veg shops and a variety of other small businesses. Our solutions are designed to provide all businesses with more efficient ways to keep track of their day to day transactions as well as track inventory and other important processes.

Point of Sale Solutions

Complete Point of Sale solutions: From software to hardware, installation to training, updates to upgrades, Red Apps does it all. Our systems seamlessly integrate all aspects of your business, helping you manage your operations more efficiently and save time while increasing your profits. Red Apps offers a complete range of services including Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Cash Control, Management Reporting, Multiple Store Data Management, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Management.

Complete Service: At Red Apps we provide you with everything you need. We install the system, provide training and then upgrade and update the system (both hardware and software) as and when necessary. We make it easy for you to train your staff so that they can serve customers better and maintain a high level of efficiency all the way.

Long term relationship: At Red Apps, we go keep working with you where other companies stop. We also keep you up to date with the newest technologies as we continually upgrade our services. This gives you an edge over your competitors both in short and long term.

Why Red Apps?

  • PDA Support: Our point of sale software has PDA module that make order taking process simple, easy and efficient. You may use any tablet or phone providing wifi interface.
  • Sales: Fast, friendly POS function with flexibility for a variety of sales environments wiz. retail, hospitality etc.
  • Promotions: Capable of providing special promotions in a variety of ways along with many configurable loyalty features.
  • Restaurant Table Management: Touch screen hospitality module for bars/coffee houses/restaurants to design table and appropriate background. It also shows the real time status of table Items details.
  • TAB Account: Our point of sale software has facility to create charge or lay by accounts for customers.
  • Peripherals: Our point of sale software is compatible with datalogic range of scales and scanners in addition to other generic devices.
  • Reporting: Powerful suite of 'drill down' and graphic Reports, barcode printing etc.
  • Comprehensive Data and Stock Management: Provides user friendly product entry with stock and recipe management.
  • Watch your Margins: Your inventory reports will help you to stock more products that give you greater profits and fewer products that give you the least amount of profit.
  • Prevent Theft: System is able to show unpredictable actions like open cash drawer, cash out, discount, refund, price change etc.
  • Stocktake Interface: Utilizes stock take data form to reduce time spent on stocktaking and price checking.

It is important for all merchants to understand that EFTPOS is vitally important to their business. New Zealand is fast becoming a country where people no longer carry cash in their wallets, and instead prefer paying by either debit or credit cards. Red Apps will take the stress away by sorting out all your payment solutions. We strive to find the best terminal to suit the needs of your business.

If you have just opened up a business and not sure where to begin with your payment option then pick up the phone and we will have a solution for you. You'll speak to one of our friendly sales consultants and discuss everything you will need to get you on your way to accepting payments; they will even initiate the contact with the processing bank for you.

EFTPOS Solutions


Whether your short-term requirement is during your peak trading period or during special promotions in store or out in the field, we have a fixed place or mobile Eftpos terminal available.

If attending special Events or expos, temporary seasonal sales, various festivals around NZ or any activity where you do not have a standard phone connection available, we can supply a mobile or fixed Eftpos terminal for short term rental. We have even supplied Eftpos terminals for garage sales!

  • Our Short Term rentals are backed with our On-site service support.
  • We have options available for merchant numbers if you don't have your own for your event

Call us or email us and we will help you with your rental needs.

Fixed Terminals:

Fixed terminals are available as a one piece unit or two piece (the 2 piece unit has a pin pad attached). The terminal type for your business will be based on several factors

  • Terminal Capabilities
  • Latest International Security Standards: ETSL v6.0
  • Chip Card readers are fully functional
  • Fast transaction times
  • Easy to use for staff and customers
  • High levels of reliability

Mobile Eftpos terminals offer you the ability to accept payment almost anywhere you do business. As well as being free from processing transactions from a fixed location, there's less reason to carry large amounts of cash, no need to produce an invoice, no waiting for cheques to clear, not to mention securing your funds immediately. If you have looked at mobile terminals before and found them too costly, now is a good time to take another look. A low monthly fee will cover connection costs for up to 1000 transactions a month - ample for most merchants.

Our mobile eftpos solutions are perfect for businesses on the move. This solution operates over a GPRS network which covers around 97% of where New Zealander's work and live, making it easy for you to take payments wherever you or your customers may be.

The Verifone Evolution VX 680 is a wireless handheld eftpos devices. It's small size, long life battery and drop-in charging bases make it convenient for taking payments at the table in restaurants, bars and cafes, or for businesses on the move such as trades, or delivery services.

Mobile terminals represent an affordable, practical solution for many businesses. These include:

  • Premises without a phone line
  • Trades people
  • Taxi companies
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Markets/Fairs
  • Special promotional stalls and events
  • Restaurants and Cafes to provide pay at table options
  • Tourism operations
  • We have even rented terminals for garage sales!

If you would like to know more about mobile eftpos, or if you would like to discuss the specific needs of your business, then please call us or email us.

Broadband Eftpos

Speed things up with Broadband. If you do not want to find yourself waiting for transactions to go through, or have to hang up the phone before using Eftpos, you need Broadband. It's a quick solution that lets you run everything (your phone, internet and Eftpos) through one phone line. That means you can make Eftpos transactions while you're on the phone and even run more than one Eftpos terminal with the same connection.

Services are available via Paymark that will allow you to connect over broadband networks so you can use one phone line for calls, Eftpos, email and more, while ensuring that your Eftpos is as safe, secure, and reliable as it is over a dial up line.

Broadband Eftpos is an ideal solution for your business if you:

  • Have more than one Eftpos terminal at the same site. Multiple terminals can operate over the same broadband connection at the same time eliminating the cost of additional phone lines
  • Want to improve customer service by taking a phone order or query at the same time as an Eftpos transaction is going through
  • Already have a broadband connection with an approved provider

Does it matter which broadband provider I use?

Yes. The connection needs to be from an approved broadband provider and they are:

Broadband data usage:
Eftpos has a low bandwidth requirement and should not use up your monthly data allowance.

To improve reliability some terminals have an inbuilt fall back to dial up, should your broadband fail.

The history of EFTPOS:

The Bank of New Zealand first introduced EFTPOS to New Zealand in 1985 through a trial period with petrol stations. In 1989 the EFTPOS system was officially launched and two providers owned by the major banks now run the system. (More information below) During July 2006 the five billionth EFTPOS payment transacted through the Paymark EFTPOS network since the electronic form of payment was first introduced in 1989.

First and foremost, what does EFTPOS stand for? Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale.

Secondly, it is important to know what parties are involved:

  • The Merchant
  • The Acquiring Bank/ Merchant Bank
  • The EFTPOS Network
  • The terminal or hardware supplier
The Merchant

This is YOU the business owner

The Acquiring Bank/ Merchant Bank

They provide merchant facilities for businesses wanting to accept EFTPOS and credit cards as a form of payment for their business. These banks include:

  • Westpac
  • BNZ
  • ASB
  • National
  • ANZ

In order to obtain a merchant facility from one of the above banks a business is required to complete an application form. Once the application has been approved the bank will issue the business with a unique merchant ID. This ID is configured to the terminal, which transfers all the transactions into the merchants’ nominated bank account.

If the business just wants to accept debit only as a form of payment there is no charge from the bank. However if the business is wanting to also accept credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard the bank will charge a merchant service fee (MSF) which is a percentage of the businesses monthly credit card revenue with a minimum monthly fee of $20.00.

Note: If a business would like to accept Amex or Diners then this would need to be arranged with those companies directly.

The EFTPOS Network

This is the processing house for EFTPOS transactions, basically a middleman between the merchant’s bank and their customer’s bank. There are currently two networks in New Zealand that process EFTPOS:

  • Paymark
  • ANZ

Depending who the merchant has their main banking with will generally determine which bank they will use for the merchant facilities.

The Terminal or Hardware Supplier

That's us. We will assess your EFTPOS requirements based on the type of industry your business is in, what you do, and the size of your business. We will then discuss contract options, payment solutions and make recommendations on how to save you money with setting up. From there you have the choice of either to have the terminal couriered to you or have someone go in and install it on site. Both options will take less time to setup.

EMV and 3DES

EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) and Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) are global electronic payment security standards that all EFTPOS terminals in New Zealand must comply with. EMV refers to security chips on credit cards and Triple DES refers to PIN number encryption.

All terminals currently connected to the Paymark network have one of four software versions to support EMV and Triple DES, 5.2 , 6, 2013 and 2014. All new EFTPOS merchants must have a Version 6 terminal to connect to the network.

Merchants that currently have a terminal supporting 5.2 software will no longer be able to connect to the Network from June 2014.

How EFTPOS Works

So now that you know who is involved and the terminology behind it, the next step is to learn about how the EFTPOS system actually works.

This is where it all begins:

When your customer decides to buy an item and chooses to pay for it by EFTPOS, you as the merchant would swipe their card through the EFTPOS terminal, the pin pad encrypts the customer’s PIN and allocates a transaction number. The terminal then dials the network (either Paymark or EFTPOS NZ) and sends information of the transaction; this includes the merchant number, terminal number, transaction number and the encrypted PIN. The network relays the information to the appropriate bank (this is your customer's bank) which in turn accepts or declines the transaction and returns the message to the EFTPOS terminal. At the time the transaction takes place the money is automatically debited from the customer’s account if accepted. It is important to understand the merchant will get all their funds deposited in one lump sum each day (during the settlement window). The banks temporarily “hold” these funds until the terminal is settled.

Referral Program

Red App's customers tend to be repeat customers. "We have businesses who have been using our services for years." says General Manager Product for Red App's. "They appreciate our service, flexible terms and low prices. At Red App's, we understand that business owners will tend to stay business owners even if they sell one business they will general start another and we need to be as flexible as they are."

To reward Red App's loyal customers, we have our Red App’s Referral Programme. It’s quite simple. We would like to thank those customers who tell their friends about us. Every time you refer your friends to Red App’s and they sign up with us, you and your friend receive $50 cash. This happens for every referral you make. It’s our way of rewarding our loyal customers. To make a referral either call us or email us.