At Red Apps we design, build and run IT systems and processes for small, medium and large businesses. At Red Apps, we know that cleverly applied information technology makes a demonstrable difference to our clients businesses. Private and public sector clients across New Zealand, Australia, USA and Asia choose to partner with us because our service breadth and depth is world-class, our infrastructure rock-solid, and our local knowledge truly insightful.

We support both existing IT systems and processes and we custom-design brand new ones but why we do this is where it gets interesting. The why for us is to apply our deep technological know-how in order to deliver a commercial return for our customers.

As a company, Red Apps is far more than just our services, principles and methodologies. At our core we are our people, and we believe our people are your competitive advantage. Simply put, we as a company are passionate about technology and what it can do for businesses in New Zealand and around the globe.